2012 Cupcake Throwdown & Artist Cake Walk!


Best Cupcake Presentation
Youth – Snowball Cupcake by Leah Carpenter &  Tomaso DiRe
Adult – Mojito Cupcake by Monica Anderson, Cakes & Desserts by Monica

Ugliest Cupcake
Cucaracha Cupcakes by Lucy & Sam Krause – Youth
Martian Cupcake by Bernnel January Jr. & Natasha Noordhoff

Best Vegan Cupcake
Irish Coffee Cupcake by Nicole Baker

Best Tasting Cupcake
Black Bottom Cupcake by Ela McLeish – Youth
Cinnamon Pecan by Claudia Melgar, KupCake Factory

Best Cupcake in New Orleans
Black Bottom Cupcake by Ela McLeish – Youth
Meatloaf Cupcake by Natalie McLaurin

Best New Orleans Themed  Cake
Rock & Roll Old School Cake by Dana Logsdon
Hubig’s Pie Cake by Shelly Stearns

Best Cake in Disguise
White Cake & Almond Frosting by NOCCA Culinary Arts Program
Kitty Litter Cake by Kiersta Kurtz-Burke

Best Art Cake
Fort Knox Pure Gold Cake by Ivy Garrison – Youth
Walking Dead Cake by Bob Snead, Shake Sugary

Ugliest Cake
War of the Year Cake by Mega Plasma – Youth
Barf Cake by Katy Jane, Shake sugary

Best Cake Ever
Gum Fetti Zebra Cake by Leah Carpenter,  Tomaso DiRe, Ivy Garrison & Mignome McGraw  – Youth
Hubigs Pie Cake by Shelly Stearns


Please join us at Press Street’s Second Annual CUPCAKE THROWDOWN & ARTIST CAKE WALK!

We will have tasty treats made by home bakers and professional pastry chefs that you can purchase or win by competing in a $2 a ticket cake walk.  We will also have free cupcakes for kids in costumes (while they last), and a raffle for a Press Street tote bag filled with prizes.  Admission is FREE.  For more information contact info@press-street.com.


Home Cooks
Ameca Reali
Muffin Bernstein
Shelley Stearns
Alana Riemermann
Cindy Hernandez
Anita Mital
Angela Driscoll
Danielle Tommaso
Kandace Richmond & Philip Buccieri
Ivy Garrison
Nicole Baker
Natalie McLaurin
Sophie Cheramie
Mandy Walkenhorst
Sebastian Carpenter & Luke Garrison
Leah Carpenter & Tomaso DiRe
Dana Logsdon
Ila McLeish
Lisa Long
Nikoletta Sinko
Lucy Krause & Sam Krause
Jolie Costa
Bernnel January Jr. & Natasha Noordhoff
Kiersta Kurtz-Burke
Kirsten Crook
The Boys

Professional Bakers & Culinary Arts Programs
Monica Anderson, Cakes & Desserts by Monica
Claudia Melgar, The Kupcake Factory
Ella Lewis, Sweet NOLA Cupcakes
NOCCA Culinary Arts Studio

Dawn Snead, Shake Sugary (2011 Champion)
Scott Hunter, Sweets & Eats Cupcakes

2012 JUDGES:
Jennifer Pagan, Whole Foods Market – Arabella Station
Chef Juba Kali, Food Network Star
Karen Kern,  Arts Council of New Orleans
Michele Burton-Oatis & Melissa Woods, Cupcake Fairies, Food Network’s Cupcake Wars
Nathan Winner, NOLA Pie Guy

AWARDS designed by Heather Lane & Byrdie’s



Youth (18 and younger) and adults are invited to compete for trophies in 10 categories that will be scored by a panel of judges. If you would like to produce cakes and cupcakes and compete head-to-head against other bakers and artists for fame and glory!

Fill out and submit the registration form below.


[contact-form-7 id=”5696″ title=”Cupcake Throwdown Registration”]

Cupcake Throwdown contestants MUST submit a minimum of 1 dozen standard size cupcakes (per submission).  One cupcake will be selected for judging in the Cupcake Throwdown.  The remaining cupcakes will be sold individually during the event or given away as prizes. Cupcakes will be judged in the following 5 categories: (1.) Best Tasting Cupcake, (2.) Best Cupcake Presentation (3.) Best Vegan Cupcake (4.) Ugliest Cupcake, and (5.) Best Cupcake in New Orleans!

Artist Cake Walk contestants MUST submit 1 cake for judging in any of the following 5 categories: (1.) Best New Orleans Themed Cake, (2.) Best Cake in Disguise, (3.) Best Art Cake (4.) Ugliest Cake, and  (5.) The Best Cake Ever!  Cake submissions will be given away as cake walk prizes throughout the event.

All Contestants MUST deliver their cupcakes and cake(s) to St. Roch Community Church between 10:30am and 12:00pm on Saturday, August 18, 2012.  Upon arrival, contestants will be asked to sign in, and their cupcakes and cake(s) will be photographed and placed on a table for judging.    The winners will be announced, and trophies awarded at 4:00pm.  *We reserve the right to judge submissions in more than one category.  Trays will be provided for displaying cupcakes.  Cake display stands may be removed after judging.

Proceeds from the event will benefit PRESS STREET, a New Orleans-based 501(c)3 literary and visual arts collective formed in 2005 to promote art and literature in the community through events, publications and arts education.

For information about sponsorship, donations, and submissions contact info@press-street.com, and please, follow Press Street and Antenna Gallery on Facebook!