24 HOUR Comics Day hosted by John Slade

John Slade, local cartoonist and author of Afro Brother Spacemen, will host this year’s 24 Hour Comics Day at Antenna. The day of extreme cartooning allows 24 straight hours for amateur and professional cartoonists of any age to challenge themselves to write, draw and letter an entire 24-page comic in 24 hours. This year’s 24-Hour Comics Day starts at noon on Saturday October 5th and will continue until noon on Sunday. Bring your art supplies and idea for a comic book, or any drawing project you’d like to work on. While we doodle, our host John Slade will screen a selection of vintage cartoons and sci-fi movies to entertain and inspire.

24 Hour Comics Day is a nationwide event which you can learn more about at www.24hourcomicsday.com.


Feature illustration by John Slade