adentro, afuera: outside-and-in :: Manos Collective

On View :: Sat. May. 11th, 2024 - Sun. Jun. 23rd, 2024
Instagram:: @colectiva.manos

MANOS is a collective of Latine artists with roots in various places outside and within the borders of the so-called United States. We formed in late 2022 out of a desire to cultivate opportunities and community among Latine artists, cultural workers, and lovers of arts in New Orleans. As Latine artists, we are often identified by others in relation to where “home” is and isn’t. Yet, our lived experiences of “home” are not contained by borders, walls, or experienced solely as a space “inside.” For us, home extends and collapses into the world beyond, lived as an “outside-and-in.” 

“adentro, afuera: outside-and-in” explores the concept of “home” as both container and continuum. A “home” can function as a container for objects and people, and it also extends beyond the domestic interior into a spectrum of experiences, connections, and locations — the natural landscape, the body, and our relationships with other people, for example. We invite you to reflect on your own experiences of ‘home’ as you explore the artworks presented in this exhibition. How do your personal connections, memories, and cultural influences shape your understanding of “home?” Where, if at all, does home begin and end for you?