Antenna’s Mission and Values

Theory of Change

Antenna supports artists and writers so that they can contextualize contemporary life, create cultural capital and societal change through their work. Antenna creates immeasurable economic and professional benefits to cultural contributors and cultural bearers by being the only non-profit Contemporary Art space, Publishing and Digital Print Production organization in the City of New Orleans. Antenna offers opportunities for exhibitions, re-granting, residencies, publishing, and public engagement to artists, writers, and cultural bearers at all levels of their careers. Our work ensures that artists have the tools and financial support that they need to thrive and to continue creating dynamic and experimental works to share with local, regional, and national audiences.

Antenna strives to implement non-hierarchical organizational structures internally between the board, collective and staff, so that we can move with intention and agility to respond to the needs of our community. Antenna is funded through private foundations, government entities, individual donors, and earned income. 


Antenna is a 501(c)(3) non-profit multidisciplinary cultural institution presenting exhibitions, public programs, publishing, and regranting located in New Orleans. We provide financial, curatorial, professional, residential support for cultural contributors and cultural bearers who produce visual and performance art; digitally printed book arts; participatory and socially engaged projects in public space at the intersection of Gender and Identity, the Environment, Equity, Renewable Resources, Abolition, Restorative Justice, and the histories of the Gulf South. 


  • Paying staff and contracted partners a honorable wage.  We look to WAGE for guidance in creating our pay scales. 
  • Non-Hierarchical organizing 
  • Equity based operations, programs and public engagement. 
  • The Envionrmental by maximising our resources, both material and fiscal. 
  • Supporting artists who are exploring innovative ways to address contemporary subjects through exhibitions and projects in public space.