Antenna::Signals Issue.002:
Migration, Displacement, and Dissociation

Thursday, July 7th,
doors: 6:30pm, event: 7-9pm
@ Antenna, 3718 St. Claude Ave.

Conceived as a “live arts magazine,” Antenna::Signals is a quarterly variety show-style event that travels to venues throughout the city to showcase the cultural producers and thinkers that make New Orleans the most unique city in the world. Antenna::Signals brings together artists, writers, scientists, musicians, filmmakers, and more to give short presentations and performances on a theme, and all attendees receive a print magazine featuring original writing and interviews that complement the event. Issue.002 of Antenna::Signals will revolve around the themes of Displacement, Migration, and Dissociation, including performances/presentations by::

Priestess Miriam Chamani:: Of the Voodoo Spiritual Temple
Aron Chang:: A discussion of Living with Water and the New Orleans Urban Water Plan
Alex Glustrom:: A preview sampling from the forthcoming feature-length film, “Mossville“, which documents the struggle of one man to resist the displacement of an historically black town by the oil refinery industry.
Yuri Herrera:: Reading from Signs Predicting the End of the World, a dystopic tale of crossing the Mexico-US border, in Spanish with English subtitles
Erik Johnson:: Director of Bird Conservation for Audubon Louisiana discussing bird migration and the significance of the LA wetlands
Jon Padgett:: Reading & Performing from 20 Simple Steps To Ventriloquism
Yoshie Sakai:: Artist talk on American consumerism and the fetishization of Asian American women
Monique Verdin:: Discussing the #NoNewLeases campaign to end deepwater oil extraction the Gulf and the effects of the oil industry on the displacement of Louisiana’s indigenous peoples
Cole Williams Band:: the “punk empress of African rock” presenting musical interludes
Food by Casa Borrega‘s new food truck, La Cubana.

Banner image from the forthcoming Mossville film.