Antenna::Signals Issue.006:
Street Spirit

Thursday August 31, 6-8:30pm
@ Kermit’s Treme Mother-in-Law Lounge
1500 N Claiborne Ave, New Orleans, LA 70116

Co-hosted with Patois Film Festival

Presentations and performances for Signals Issue No. 6 orbit around the theme of “Street Spirit”, and give voice to the art, people, and movements that breathe life into New Orleans’ streets. We are honored to welcome as emcee Sunni Patterson who will weave together performances and presentations by spoken word artist and Take ‘Em Down NOLA leader A Scribe Called Quess? in conversation with photojournalist Abdul Aziz on black public space; Miriam Belblidia on what flows beneath the streets; music from singer-songwriter Mykia Jovan; Sabrina Mays-Montana on the Black Masking Indian tradition; Dread Scott on his project to reenact the largest slave revolt in US history with a procession of 500 Black men and women in costume from LaPlace to Kenner; and Polo Silk on photographing the bounce scene from the 90s to the present (Polo’s exhibition Pop That Thang: Polo Silk is on view at Antenna August 12-September 3.).

Conceived as a “live arts magazine,” Antenna::Signals is a variety show-styled event from the artists and writers of Antenna. Each “issue” of Antenna::Signals features a spread of 6-8 local artists, writers, musicians, scientists, activists and scholars whose practices relate thematically. The live magazine drops 4 times each year, accompanied by the release of a two-dimensional print publication.

Image in header: © Polo Silk, OG Stepper’s Silky