Apocalypse Soon Movie Marathon Day One

Wesley Stokes presents this two day movie marathon in anticipation of the end of days.

6 pm – Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (1985)

At the end of the world, Mel Gibson rages on as Mad Max! After a few years of fighting on the road against weirdo future punks with battle-ready vehicles, Mad Max re-emerges at a colony run by Aunty Entity (played by a blonde Tina Turner) and is forced into battle in an apocalyptic gladiator game – Thunderdome!

8 pm – Night of The Comet (1984)

One of the great lesser b-movies of the 80?s, Night of The Comet is the immediate aftermath of Los Angeles following a celebrated comet passing the Earth. Sisters Regina and Samantha make their way through a comedic horror landscape complete with comet zombies.

10 pm – Death Race 2000 (1975)

Another post-civilization brutal sport film, this time with the Roger Corman stamp of approval and Sylvester Stallone to boot! In the future people celebrate a WWF meets Nascar sport called Death Race. Killing pedestrians gets you extra points!

12 am – Exterminators of The Year 3000 (1983)

In the wake of Mad Max being a break out film for Australia, every tiny production company there churned out these apocalyptic landscape clones filled with feral children and cars with guns welded to them. This is one of the better ones. And yes, there is a feral child.