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Police Blotter

Today is normal. I wake up to red badges of notification on a screen. Each morning, I allot the five minutes after my eyes open to scrolling them. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. WhatsApp. Slack. Gmail. Tumblr. I hate the sight of…

The Art of Mecca Burke

Shine.Jake.Felix (Watercolor and ink on paper.) “These are three parts of an ongoing portrait series whose purpose is to celebrate the local LGBTQ community.” Must Be Jelly (Cuz Jam Don’t Shake Like that) (Watercolor and ink on paper) “Thighs are…


Can I run If no one is chasing Me? Lighter than’ Air, will I glide Above cracked asphalt? The roar of an engine. Cracked air. Rifle Shot. Uglier than The 4th of July. The Period on life’s Sentence. Gun clubs…

A Red Moment Alone: I took out my own IUD

Hey, guess what I did today? I had a nice lunch with my mom, went to the grocery store, and removed my Mirena IUD in my dad’s bathroom with my own hands! A big Wednesday for me! Why would anyone…

Big Mama Yaga’s

Joke was, we relocated to Texas cause Katrina flooded us outta New Orleans. Then, of course, Harvey took possession over half the state, losin me my husband Vernon. One side of the Gulf to the opposite; I wonder why we…

Sight & Sound ((I.) March)

The cadaver dogs downstairs are barking. As though making a sound will fix anything—any of this—I tell me, reflected in glass— Curdling a self into an imagined resuscitation of some politics is a joke not worth telling for no one…


Fiction by Meg Elison “Mom, I can’t move home. I love you and Dad, but it would crush my spirit. I’m fighting so hard to feel like an adult. Right. Right, I know. It’s only the last little bit of…

All Blood and No Guts: Blood Quantum is a gory thrill-ride but lacks substance

Blood Quantum is an indigenous zombie movie set on the Mi’kmaq Red Crow Reservation in Canada. It follows rez Police Chief, Traylor, (looking like the quintessential NDN warrior, all broad shoulders and braids) and his family, Joss (Traylor’s nurse ex-wife),…

The Candyman Can

When I first heard that Jordan Peele was producing a new Candyman, I talked to a good friend about it. I remember him mentioning that he hoped Tony Todd would take up the hook again, and I told him that…

Dirty South (uncut and distant)

–For Mannie Fresh where the symbols of slavery drawn down to a blocking, would you sing here what it means to be priced, put cash money on living, here in the clay by the river, better get money you can…

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