BIG CLASS: Adorable Kids Making Adorable Books

Over at Room 220, we sometimes neglect the kids. It’s true. It’s not a point of policy, it’s just that we’re so tall, and they’re so short, and we often overlook them.

One exception is a project we love called BIG CLASS, a children’s workshop and publishing venture headed by Doug Keller that has put out three stellar books, conceived of and created by local grade school kids. We wrote about the first book, Big Class No 1: The Animals, last year. It’s fantastic.

Each Big Class book features writing by childrenz, along with art by adults (and some childrenz, I think?). This Saturday, Aug. 11, Big Class will be exhibiting work from the books and generally celebrating their formidable accomplishments at the Home Space Gallery (1128 St. Roch Ave.) during the St. Claude Arts District’s monthly Second Saturday art walk (6 – 9 p.m.).

In order to pay for the printing and hanging of the exhibition’s artworks, Big Class has launched a Kickstarter campaign. Although they’ve already reached their meager goal of $500, this is an organization that translates any small amount given to it into magic, so don’t feel bashful about chipping in a few more bucks.