Book Release: As Many Genders

Join us as we celebrate the release of As Many Genders by Mick Kligler, recipient of a 2022 Antenna Press Award. This event is free and open to the public, and there will be refreshments and exciting coloring activities for kids! 

This is the first children’s book published by Antenna Press, and we are so excited to have its beauty and gentleness out in the world, particularly after this disastrous week for trans people in Louisiana state politics.

As Many Genders is a book for babies, kids, and for people of all ages who are working to unlearn the gender binary, fetch their genders from the basement corners where they’ve been stashed, and fully unfold the question of who they want to be. With full color illustrations, As Many Genders invites young readers to approach their self-expression with curiosity and creativity, and reminds us all that embracing gender diversity is just more fun!

Mick (he/him) is a trans poet living and working (and making art in between) in New Orleans, LA. This is his first children’s book.