Call for Writings about Coastal Erosion or Wetlands Restoration


Open Call for writings in conjunction with the Antenna::Signals issue No.5 live event themed around coastal erosion and wetlands restoration

Antenna invites writers to submit short works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and prose that explore or connect in some way to the themes anchoring the fifth issue of Antenna::Signals, a publication released in conjunction with our eponymous quarterly “live arts magazine” event. (Details below)

Each written piece must be 1500 words or less; we will accept up to 10 writings for inclusion. Each accepted submission will receive an honorarium of $50. For questions, email Submissions due April 24th

About Issue.005

Antenna::Signals Issue::005 will be presented in conjunction with the annual Wetlands Art Tour which focuses on art, performance, and activism related to coastal erosion and wetlands restoration in Louisiana. The event will explore the loss of the wetlands and those things we come to find or rediscover as we face unimaginable environmental change through a spread of presentations and performances at the Studio in the Woods on Wednesday, May 17th.

About Antenna::Signals

Conceived as a “live arts magazine,” Antenna::Signals is a new sort of variety show by the artists and writers of Antenna. Each “issue” of Antenna::Signals features a spread of 6-8 local artists, writers, musicians, scientists, activists and scholars whose practices relate thematically. The live magazine drops 4 times each year, accompanied by the release of a two-dimensional print publication.

Antenna is a New Orleans-based Non-profit organization committed to being a vital participant in the life of the city by creating and supporting artist- and writer-driven programs.

To submit:

Image by the incredible Pippin Frisbie-Calder