Solo Exhibition

Artist Statement Considering the world from macrocosm to microcosm, an awareness of time and interconnectedness arises. Finding the original paint color behind an old cabinet or peering into a dollhouse or diorama – these experiences connect us to layers of existence, placing us on the outside looking in, while also at the center.  My work Solo Exhibition

Screened In

Screened In celebrates the nostalgia of the porched childhood, it reconciles the sun and the mosquitoes of the homecoming, and remembers the matriarch of the porch with all of her complexities. Despite its rightful place as a true southern icon, the Southern front porch has found itself disappearing for years. The porch as a public Screened In

Pieces and Parts

“Pieces and Parts” is a solo exhibition from Amelia Broussard that delves into the challenges of preserving memories as they fade over time. Objects, particularly paper, act as anchors to the past. The mixed media collages hint at the anxiety of memory preservation and the complex process of merging personal and generational histories. The works Pieces and Parts

A Queer Park

A Queer Park is a an exploration into what it means to have queervisibility our city of New Orleans. After years of researching queermonuments and public spaces, I’ve come to an understanding ofhow queer sites of memory and representation is received by thepublic in western culture and why or when that reception is metwith violence A Queer Park

No Home for You Here

“No Home for You Here/No hay hogar para ti” is a collection of work that explores the notion of loss and conflict by examining one’s hybrid identity – especially that of Latin Americans and how that has become defined by U.S. borders. In the politically divided, nationalist, and insular U. S., many blame the country’s No Home for You Here

Kitsch N’ Synch

“For the last 17 years I have been painting people from photos from the 1890’s I found in someone’s trash. This occurrence is my origin story as it made me realize how finite my time on earth is and helped fuel what exactly I want to do with my life. It has always been my Kitsch N’ Synch

No Weak and Ordinary Voice

No Weak and Ordinary Voice links speeches by Reverdy C. Ransom, a pivotal civil rights activist and founding member of the Niagara Movement, to sites across America through sculptural forms. This exhibition presents the metaphorical act of putting a flower in the barrel of the continued assault on equal rights. By connecting plants to historical No Weak and Ordinary Voice

11:11 (New Member Exhibition)

Antenna Collective is proud to host a special exhibition featuring new members of the 2023 Antenna Collective cohort. Curratorial support by new member, DiQuan Forcell. Featured artists include: Biseat YawkalChris LeauxDiQuan ForcellFlora CabiliFrancisco MagallánGurleen RaiisJane TardoJohn AlleyneKara CrowleyKarla RosasKerry PunzoPatrick DavisRyan LeitnerTraven StoutTrenity ThomasVictoria Le


EVIDENCE plays with themes around existing, utilizing interaction, materiality, and remnants to encourage an exploration of what it means to be, here, now.  BIO: RENEE ROYALE is an independent curator, visual artist, writer, and digital strategist.She is the founder of Support Black Art.Her writing has been featured in various publications including Burnaway, YARD Concept, Departures, the Observer, the International Review of African American Art, and the Black Aesthetic Volume III.She is a EVIDENCE

Proximity and Touch

Proximity and Touch: Louisiana Group Show Exhibition 2023Vernell Dunams, Ryan Leitner, Kelsey Scult, and Jill StollSeptember 9 – October 29, 2023 Louisiana Group Show  Annually, Antenna Collective orchestrates the ‘Louisiana Call for Exhibitions’, which offers Louisiana artists the opportunity to have their artwork evaluated by a distinguished guest juror, who meticulously selects exhibiting artists from Proximity and Touch