Moving Shadows at Paper Machine

Create shadow puppets with moving parts using strings, rods, and wire. Simple patterns will be provided, but participants will be encouraged to let th…

Movement & Emotion with Puppets II at Paper Machine

Learn how to create simple puppets using paper and everyday objects. We will learn how to collaborate through manipulation as we play with puppets tha…

Movement & Emotion with Puppets I at Paper Machine

This class is at Paper Machine Learn how to use breath and intention to express emotion in puppetry. We will play around with simple objects (our hand…

Object Theatre Workshop

Delve into the world of object theatre through a series of games and exercises geared to help us understand the stories that are hidden away in everyd…

Bloodline: The Power of Music and Memory

When we think of Louisiana music, often genres such as Zydeco, Jazz, and now Bounce music are at the forefront of these conversations. These cultural …

Beyond The Magic Negro

Castle Rock’s Henry Deaver represents a major change I began reading Stephen King, at the age of 10. On a whim, I picked up his novel, IT during a lib…

SIGHT: Ayiti Chérie

Kouzen Azakamede, also known as Azaka, Zaka Mede, Zake, is the Haitian Vodoun loa/lwa of agriculture, farming, crops, harvest, healing, seeding, growi…


If you are not a myth whose reality are you? If you are not reality whose myth are you? Sun Ra, Prophetika : Book One SOUND—It has been the principle …

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