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Spillways Resident :: Nicole Goodwin

Portrait of Nicole Goodwin

Nicole Goodwin aka GOODW.Y.N. is the author of Warcries, and the poetic sequel Warcrimes as well as the photographic essay book Ain’t I a Woman (?/!): I Give of Myself  based on the five year iterations of Ain’t I a Woman (?/!).  They are a finalist for the CUE Foundation’s 2022 Public Programs Fellowship, as Spillways Resident :: Nicole Goodwin

Meet Spillways Resident Chanel Thervil

Antenna is proud to host Haitian American,  Boston based artist and educator Chanel Thervil (she/her)   Chanel’s process as an artist mirrors that of an educator, researcher, community organizer and attentive listener. Interviews, photography, and primary resources about history that Chanel gathers for research are aligned with the creation of art that activates internal and Meet Spillways Resident Chanel Thervil

2021-2022 Spillways Fellows

Antenna’s Spillways residency is a way of providing the meaningful dispersion of outside thought and practice into the city through the development of creative feats. Spillways hosts national and international artists, writers, and cultural organizers that are interested in developing projects within the greater New Orleans region, and whose efforts question, transform, or expand the 2021-2022 Spillways Fellows

City Palette Panel Discussion

@ Antenna, 3718 St. Claude Ave, February 1, 2018, 6-7:30pm We often talk about place, home, gentrification and urban change in terms of color––usually black, white and brown. Yet in cities like New Orleans, color lines are not only drawn by redlines. Here, each of our 73 neighborhoods boasts its own identity through the color City Palette Panel Discussion

2018 Spillways Residency Fellows

After two years of explorations with the inaugural class of residents, we are excited to announce our second cohort of Antenna::Spillways residency fellows! Special thanks to the VIA Art Fund for providing support for this cohort to explore various aspects of New Orleans throughout its tricentennial year.  Antenna::Spillways 2018 residents include Paul Ramirez Jonas, Delaney Nolan, Jesse Sugarman, Hui-Ying Tsai, and 2018 Spillways Residency Fellows

Commemorating the 1811 Slave Revolt

At the Justice & Beyond regular meeting Monday, January 8, doors at 4:45pm @Christian Unity Baptist Church, 1700 Conti Street The Louisiana Museum of African American History (LMAAH) and the Slave Rebellion Reenactment Committee (SRR) invite you to join us in the revival of the public commemoration of Louisiana’s Heroic 1811 Slave Revolt. Leon A. Commemorating the 1811 Slave Revolt