CINEMA RESET – Films About Workers

Free Labor Day screening & discussion program.

Films About Workers will feature a slue of… well, films about workers. The program will begin at 6:30 PM with past & abstract films about workers–a melange of 9 short pieces that deal with the worker in unique & historically significant topics. Featured filmmakers/artists include Tulane professor Betsy Weiss, Italian filmmaker Claudio Romano, and several short pieces from the Los Angeles video collective, Freewaves.

The first set of films will be followed by a short discussion with artists, labor organizers and academics that attempts to reconcile the image of the artist with the image of the worker. The discussion will be moderated by Daniel Fitzgerald.

At around 7:30PM, the program will continue with three ethnographic films about workers, starting with a short film about bakers Occupy Bakery (6 min.) by Rachel Lears–PhD recipient from New York University–and continuing with two films from members of the Harvard Sensory Ethnography Lab–best known as breeding the 2012 film Leviathan.  First, Brookford Almanac (40 min.), “a year in the complex and beautiful life of first-generation american farmers,” by Cozette Russell.”  Then, Demolition / Chai Qian (60 min.), a film that documents Chinese laborers in the act demolishing a building to make way for the Beijing Olympics by JP Sniadecki, the filmmaker most known for his single-shot film People’s Park.

The event is open to the public and free of charge.

Films About Workers is directed by Blake Bertuccelli. The event is hosted by Cinema Reset with support from Charitable Film Network and Press Street’s Antenna Gallery.  Additional support provided by Kyle Shepherd, Lindsey Phillips, Trevor Allan Taylor, Anne Bray, Veronica Hartowicz, Daniel Fitzgerald and Jerald White.

For more information, visit the program’s Facebook event page or email