Clarksdale: Conspiracy.  Terror.  Boston Dean, an impressionable university student, has gotten entangled with a revolutionary terrorist organization, which plans to assassinate a high government official with a time bomb.  The twist: the high government official happens to be Boston’s father, and that Boston himself is in charge of planting the bomb.  It is duly delivered to him, the clock mechanism is set to explode within 24 hours, and… But we must not give away the ending.  Visually daring and ominously absurd, “Clarksdale” will push you OFF the edge of your seat.  It’s that suspenseful.

WILL GOSS (b. 1983, Clarksdale, MS) is a video artist, writer, musician, and educator residing in Jackson, MS.  He began making movies in 2005, and since that time, has made seven of them: four features and three shorts. Though not narratively linked, the story all take place in the same world, populated by the same cast of characters.  That world, and title of several films, is Magenta’s Caress.  The movies are colorful, absurd, theatrical, hilarious, and come straight from the heart.  Will’s movies have screened in festivals and venues across the US and all over the world.   In 2011, he earned his MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a focus in film/video. He currently works at Jackson Academy, where he teaches film and interactive media.

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