Curatorial Category: Antenna Press

Ghost Orchid

Ghost Orchid is an artist book inspired by the ghost orchid, Dendrophylax lindenii, the highly coveted and elusive flora native to the South Florida Everglade and the wetlands of Cuba. The book uses prose, imagery, and holographic papers to narrate a fever dream from the perspective of the orchid and its pollinators. Cristina Molina hails Ghost Orchid

In Love and Struggle

The first book of prose from Kalamu ya Salaam, the prolific New Orleans writer and activist. In Love and Struggle is about complicated relationships and oppressive structures and where we situation ourselves as human beeings when confronted with life’s darkness. The book includes an interview with Kalamu’s daughter Kiini Ibura Salaam, who also contributed the In Love and Struggle


In conjunction with Senegalese linguistic specialists from Boston University, the “JAMBAR” book project details a short story written in Wolof, the main language of what was once Senegambia. Buttressed by research in Dakar, the illustrations that accompany each sentence were influenced by scripts spanning the Sahel region to include Bassa Vah and Hieratic. Part performance JAMBAR

Paper Portals: A braided spellbook

Weaving together words and images, Paper Portals winds through the migration of the artist’s family, the emergence of their political consciousness, and their work in/for beloved community. Part poem, part visual meditation, part fragments of spells, the work reflects the author’s relationship to New Orleans on a personal, historical, and metaphysical level. Paper Portals invites Paper Portals: A braided spellbook

Book Release: As Many Genders

Join us as we celebrate the release of As Many Genders by Mick Kligler, recipient of a 2022 Antenna Press Award. This event is free and open to the public, and there will be refreshments and exciting coloring activities for kids!  This is the first children’s book published by Antenna Press, and we are so excited to Book Release: As Many Genders

A World with Monsters and Miracles

A limited edition book produced to coincide with the 2023 Antenna exhibition of the same name, A World With Monsters and Miracles serves as a thread through the multimedia work of visual artist Sarah Elizabeth Cornejo. Grappling with current troubles and musings on future consequential realms in the wake of human actions in the present, A World with Monsters and Miracles

Night Bloom

Night Bloom is a book that explores drawing & creativity blocks: how to overcome a lack of inspiration. Night Bloom was created by comics artist and animator, Isabelle Sigrid, as a part of her homonymous exhibit at Antenna. Three fable-like stories are told through hand-drawn text and image, touching on the magical and healing properties Night Bloom

As Many Genders

This spiral-bound book is for babies, kids, and for people of all ages who are working to unlearn the gender binary, fetch their genders from the basement corners where they’ve been stashed, and fully unfold the question of who they want to be. With full color illustrations, As Many Genders invites young readers to approach As Many Genders

No One Wants to Work Anymore

No One Wants to Work Anymore is a collection of personal and non-fiction comics about labor in the post–pandemic, climate crisis reality. Weaving together research, first hand experiences, political theory, and cute flower people cartoons, these comics investigate how living through the pandemic altered the way we see our jobs and ask what alternatives for No One Wants to Work Anymore

Water Site

Water is Louisiana’s most abundant resource. Water saturates the air with humidity; it permeates the coastline as the oceans rise. It falls from the sky in torrential rainstorms that flood the cities. It cuts through the land at the terminal of the Mississippi River, a vital and historical port of commerce. Water, more than anything, Water Site

Notifications in the Dark

NOTIFICATIONS IN THE DARK is a poetry collection about queerness, godlessness, love, abjection, and the minutiae of life during a period of isolation. Illustrated by Rochester-based Brenza, NOTIFICATIONS offers a narrative of hope and loneliness through both text and image. grace (ge) gilbert is a hybrid essayist, poet, and artist based in Brooklyn. they teach Notifications in the Dark

Gladiator School

Gladiator School documents Theral Harris’ time from ages 13 to 17 incarcerated in Baltimore’s juvenile justice system in the 1990s. Through first-hand narrative, recovered photos, and ephemera, the book exposes the effects of criminalizing youth in a system “designed to break your spirit.” Tammy Mercure is a photographer and book artist. Theral Harris is a Gladiator School

The Dry Garden

The Dry Garden is a publication composed of vignettes and reimagined material from herbaria, where plants are dried and stored for scientific purposes. Created by Magali Duzant for her 2023 exhibition at Antenna, the publication reconsiders archival histories and explores how narrative can help us build more empathetic relationships with nature. Visually, the publication is The Dry Garden

Drawn to This Place

In Drawn to this Place, comic artist Thom Karamus explores New Orleans’ music, food, and culture with pen-and-ink self portraits, resulting in a free-form guidebook/autobiography. This project was released for the artist’s exhibition at Antenna. Thom Karamus is a multidisciplinary artist based in New Orleans. A monthly contributor to Antigravity since 2019, a Draw-A-Thon workshop Drawn to This Place


Membering brings together documents, conversations and images of a search to understand a psychological inheritance that includes the enslavement of hundreds of people. The work includes six handsewn pamphlets enclosed in a paper slipcase that weave the documents and photographs into layered narratives around the themes of ownership, power, privilege and identity. Meredith Davenport is Membering