Curatorial Category: Residency Project

Ghost Orchid

Ghost Orchid is an artist book inspired by the ghost orchid, Dendrophylax lindenii, the highly coveted and elusive flora native to the South Florida Everglade and the wetlands of Cuba. The book uses prose, imagery, and holographic papers to narrate a fever dream from the perspective of the orchid and its pollinators. Cristina Molina hails Ghost Orchid

In Love and Struggle

The first book of prose from Kalamu ya Salaam, the prolific New Orleans writer and activist. In Love and Struggle is about complicated relationships and oppressive structures and where we situation ourselves as human beeings when confronted with life’s darkness. The book includes an interview with Kalamu’s daughter Kiini Ibura Salaam, who also contributed the In Love and Struggle

Paper Portals: A braided spellbook

Weaving together words and images, Paper Portals winds through the migration of the artist’s family, the emergence of their political consciousness, and their work in/for beloved community. Part poem, part visual meditation, part fragments of spells, the work reflects the author’s relationship to New Orleans on a personal, historical, and metaphysical level. Paper Portals invites Paper Portals: A braided spellbook

Gladiator School

Gladiator School documents Theral Harris’ time from ages 13 to 17 incarcerated in Baltimore’s juvenile justice system in the 1990s. Through first-hand narrative, recovered photos, and ephemera, the book exposes the effects of criminalizing youth in a system “designed to break your spirit.” Tammy Mercure is a photographer and book artist. Theral Harris is a Gladiator School

(Morir es Vivir)

Through layers of translucent vellum, (Morir es Vivir) uses drawings, photos, and the collected language of the New Orleans community to consider interconnectivity, individuality, death & living, learning from the past, inheritance, children & families, housing, labor, fossil fuels, prison, revolution, and imagination, all in response to the question: “What must die (institutionally, personally, relationship-wise, (Morir es Vivir)


Membering brings together documents, conversations and images of a search to understand a psychological inheritance that includes the enslavement of hundreds of people. The work includes six handsewn pamphlets enclosed in a paper slipcase that weave the documents and photographs into layered narratives around the themes of ownership, power, privilege and identity. Meredith Davenport is Membering