FEAST 2013 Patron Picture Auction

Please help support the printing of “FEAST yer eyes”, an annual free New Orleans Illustration and Comix Anthology, by buying an original themed drawing by a FEAST artist at this year’s auction. With your support, 2013 will be the fourth year we’ve been able to put an issue out on the streets of N’awlins and keep it free as well. Once again, instead using ads to fund the majority of the printing costs, we’re auctioning off the original Patron Picture themed illustrations allowing more room in FEAST to showcase the work of more artists. This year’s themed subjects are: GHOST….CLOWN…PIRATE…HIPSTER….GIROCODILE(Giraffe+Crocodile)
There will be 12 different original illustrations of each subject by a large roster of artists. Each illustration will be published in this year’s FEAST. Bids starts at $20….In order to bid there’s a $5 fee which gets you an limited-edition illustrated FEAST 2013 bidding paddle. Antenna Gallery’s Bob Snead will be the auctioneer.

Original Illustrations by Caesar Meadows * Will Frank * Reed Chappell * Mike Weber * Pierre Pre$$ure * Dr. Lance Boyle * Kelly Stiles * Burgin * Ry Gipson * Kate Lacour * Happy Burbeck * Tommy LeBlanc * Kenny Harrison * Stylo Moniker * Amanda Cassingham-Bardwell * Luke Quinn * Asa Jones  and more!

All proceeds from this event go to the production of FEAST! Check out past issues here: http://feastcomic.com/