Happy Hour Salon : The Lens

Interested in finding out more about a new media effort aimed at creating more openness and accountability in New Orleans government? Come meet the voices of The Lens. They are experienced investigative reporters and bloggers who creatively combine the old and the new. Merging the accuracy, fairness and thoroughness of traditional journalism with the speed, urgency and interactivity of online media, the hybrid model is well-suited to our small city, a place where residents count media watchdogs as allies in the struggle to rebuild a better city in the face of limited resources and unreliable leadership.

FREE Admission
Refreshments will be served

Hosted by The Lens and Press Street’s Room 220.  The Lens is an important resource for honest reporting on the issues that matter most to the future of the city we love – look forward to seeing you!  For more information check out their website, www.thelensnola.org or email Anne Mueller at amueller@thelensnola.org.