in tandem – The Inner Scar

in tandem, a new monthly series of Press Street’s MiniPlex program, invites individual artists and curators to select content for potluck film screenings and other multimedia events that create a dialogue with a current show at Antenna Gallery.

This month we asked video artist Kurt Ralske to select a film to show in tandem with William Lamson’s interactions with landscapes:


By Philippe Garrel, 1972.

“In the genre of experimental movies made by French junkies in rural Iceland, this must surely be one of the finest. Nico (yes, ex-Velvet Underground) and her 9-year-old son slowly trek through mythic dreamscapes, to the strains of her solo album “Desert Shore”. Director Philippe Garrel, who went from May ’68 to addiction to the asylum, presents the film’s glacial actions and cosmic mise-en-scene as an entry to inner landscape. The viewer prepared to journey with him will be rewarded.”

Potluck will also be happening! We’d love if you’d bring something to share.

Doors open at 7pm. Screening begins at 7:30.