Ingrid Sibley #100Walks Project

Join the current Paper Machine resident artist Ingrid Sibley for a concluding event on June 30.

Change is the only constant.

The question is, are you going to write that change, or allow it to be written for you?

Since January 2019, Black Box NOLA has explored Black Quantum Futurism under the guise of one Black female living, working and loving throughout the city.

Using water as a conductor, the founder of Black Box has ardently believed in the impossible, envisioning a brilliant Black future coming to shape as she traversed New Orleans alongside the Mighty Mississippi River.

As this project comes to a close, and moves to Harlem to explore the role of the artist in writing the future, she will take one last walk along the path once documented to show the housing disparity from the Lower to the Upper Ninth Ward and into the French Quarter.

This last walk will occur along Burgundy, culminating at The Steps where the watery home of her forefathers will be turned into an enormous wishing well. You are welcome to join her in voting for a brighter future with the shiniest pennies you can find.

Together, may we write a brilliant tomorrow.

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