Limited Edition

On view ONE NIGHT ONLY: Saturday, June 10, 6-10pm

Limited Edition will feature a single night of media arts and bookmaking. A take on the BYOB (bring your own beamer/projector) started by artist Rafaël Rozendaal, we are inviting any artist with a projector and something to project, to install a piece on Saturday June 10, during the Second Saturday St. Claude openings. To add a little of our own flare to the evening, we are also inviting artists or writers to BYOBD (bring your own book design). During that evening, we will print limited edition books / chapbooks / zines / comics for FREE for as many New Orleans based artists and writers as possible in a four hour stretch.

If you’re interested in projecting for BYOB, contact Natalie at, and if you’re interested in making a book here’s that info:

Those submitting books must be present during the opening, and your file must be submitted through our submittable to qualify. This is an un-curated free-for-all, we just need files submitted to make sure they are ready to print and we need to schedule people out for the evening!

-The book must be 48 pages or less including the cover. 8.5″ tall by 5.5″ wide (half of a letter sized piece of paper folded in half), and can be in either color or black & white. The file has to be compiled in a single document, as single pages (no spreads) in pdf format.

-You must sign up for a time that you can be at Antenna to have your books printed, and you must be present otherwise your books will not be printed. Any finishing work, like edge cutting or stapling will be done by you (we’ll give ya a crash course, of course).

-For each accepted work we will print a limited edition of 10 copies for free that will all go to the artists/writers (spilt amongst collaborators).

This will all happen in our downstairs print and reading room space at 3718 St Claude Ave.

Go to the submittable now to submit your book pdf! DEADLINE JUNE 1!

Image from the ever growing clip art collection by Amanda Cassingham-Bardwell