Amelia Broussard

Amelia Broussard was born and raised in South Louisiana, and in 2010 she moved from Lafayette to New Orleans to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Loyola University. After graduation, she was hired as an assistant to several New Orleans-based artists. In her own practice, Amelia works mostly in collage and mixed media and believes in finding magic in the mundane. She has exhibited regularly for the past 8 years in galleries and spaces throughout New Orleans. Amelia has been a collective member of Antenna Gallery since 2015 where she is currently serving as Director of Artist Initiatives and Exhibitions. In addition to her involvement with Antenna, Amelia has taught high school Art and Design classes in the New Orleans charter school system, where she discovered her passion for nurturing and empowering young artists. In 2019, Amelia co-founded Sketch Basin, and serves as the Associate Director. She is devoted to the organization’s mission of providing access to art education for their talented students.