Monica Mankin, Clare Martin, and Sean Munro poetry reading

Poets Monica Mankin, Clare Martin, and Sean Munro will perform selected readings at 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 3, at the Milton H. Latter Memorial Library (5120 St. Charles Avenue).

Monica Mankin is the co-founder of im-possible, a “deeply ambitious design think tank and policy-driven research institution that supports and facilitates innovative theoretical and achievable design solutions to concrete problems necessitated by our posthuman condition.”

Clare Martin’s poetry has appeared in Thrush Poetry Journal, Poets and Artists, and Louisiana Literature, and her second collection, Seek the Holy Darkis the 2017 selection of the Louisiana Cajun and Creole Series by Yellow Flag Press

Sean Munro’s poems appear in ILK journal, SporkLo-Ball, and The Turnip Truck(s).