More than a sandwich? Edible books at NOPL

SIFT and the New Orleans Public Library will host an Edible Book contest on Saturday, April 14, at 1 p.m. at the Alvar Library in the Bywater (913 Alvar St.). An edible book is anything “bookish” composed of entirely edible materials. Entries can achieve their bookishness by incorporating text, referencing a literary work, or simply being book-like in form (although, really, isn’t that just a sandwich?). You might wonder who’s making all these crazy rules. The Edible Book Contest is part of a worldwide celebration in April of edible books. Admission is open to the public, though if you don’t bring an edible book, there’s a suggested donation of a can of food (cheaper than the Tennessee Williams Festival, at least). For inspiration and information about edible books, visit, and for more information about the event visit SIFT’s website.