Role: Collective

Flora Cabili

Flora is a self-taught interdisciplinary artist, educator, and queer storyteller who uses public engagement, installations, movement, and mixed-media works to explore themes of origin, assembly, and dislocation. Currently, she draws from found materials’ memory here in the Gulf South to explore our collective relationship to the natural and built environment. Flora completed residencies at Aquarium Flora Cabili

Patrick Davis

Patrick Davis is a remarkable individual with a passion for life and a talent for photography. Born and raised in Little Rock, AR, he developed a love for exploring the world around him from an early age. As he grew older, he discovered his passion for photography, which became one of many focuses of his Patrick Davis

Victoria Le

Victoria Le is a female portrait painter born in New Orleans to first generation Vietnamese immigrants. She grew up in Gretna, was part of the last graduating class of Archbishop Blenk High School, and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Newcomb-Tulane College in 2011. She’s passionate about rollerskating, costuming, crafting, petting animals, and Victoria Le

Trenity Thomas

Trenity Thomas is a self-taught photographer who has also experimented with painting and sketching since grade school. As a photographer, he has worked in a myriad of genres including fashion, lifestyle, editorial, conceptual, sports, portraiture, and nightlife photography. As a photographer, Trenity uses his camera to capture the life and composition of still life around Trenity Thomas

Traven Stout

Traven Stout is a professional photographer, an artist, and native New Orleanian. He has been working with Upturn Arts as a teaching artist since 2017 with the goal of bringing the wonders of photography to children. Traven’s latest exhibit, People of Mardi Gras House Float, was commissioned by a New Orleanian in February 2021, for Traven Stout

Ryan Leitner

Assembling his works through a layering of painting and photography, Leitner creates two dimensional pieces of other worldly body-scapes and atmospheres that are molded and stacked together. After receiving his MFA from The Museum School at Tufts University, he began investigating his queerness through different mediums, looking for ways queer visibility is created in public Ryan Leitner

biseat yawkal

Originally from a family of farmers, born in the horn of africa in 1984 biseat’s work interrogates and illuminates the journey of a reluctant refugee. climate change, migration, improvisational black art forms and resilience through diversity have inspire biseat’s growth as an artist. biseat was raised in central california an agriculturally important but socially overlooked biseat yawkal

Kerry Punzo

Kerry Punzo was born in New Orleans but lived in several states. He graduated from a New Orleans Public school in 1967 and attended LSUNO then enlisted in the Navy. He married, had a son, after 4 years in the navy, he graduated from the University of New Orleans in 1977, earning his B. A. Kerry Punzo

Karla Rosas

Karla Rosas (she/they/ella/e), known as KARLINCHE, is a visual artist and language justice worker based in New Orleans. Born in Mexico but raised in Southeastern Louisiana, Karla’s work challenges conventional depictions of migration by exploring (im)migrant experiences beyond linear narratives, documentation, and borders. Karla’s art practice encompasses painting, illustration, sculpture, and embroidery. Notable features include Karla Rosas

Kara Crowley

New Orleans Native, Kara Crowley, is an artist who highlights the everyday locals of the NOLA, in order to preserve our culture and showcasing the importance of our black identity. Through the use of her portrait paintings and wood burning technique, she emphasizes on the aesthetics/accomplishments/hardships as an African American. She discovers unique ways to Kara Crowley