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A Queer Park is an exploration into what it means to have queer visibility in our city of New Orleans. After years of researching queer monuments and public spaces, I’ve come to an understanding of how queer sites of memory and representation are received by the public in western culture and why or when that reception is met with violence or discord. This exhibition lays out the different projects that have led to this proposed park, my research on queer public monuments and spaces, and what a queer public site in New Orleans could one day look like.

Ryan Leitner is a collage artist, with an artistic inquiry towards the visualization of queerness through the body, history, and space. His two dimensional pieces on canvas create other worldly body-scapes and atmospheres that are molded and stacked together through his process of painting, sculpture, photography, digital manipulation, and alternative printmaking. Since receiving his MFA from The Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, Leitner studied at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, has received grants and fellowships from the The LGBT+ Archives Project of Louisiana, Antenna’s Platform Fund, and The Museum of Fine Arts, and has exhibited at The Plumbing Museum, Area Gallery, and Magnum Photo Foundation, and The Front Gallery, and Antenna Works.

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