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A book of peel and stick stickers of drawings by Scott David Finch inspired by cereal box designs.

“After vacillating between making hard-edged poppy paintings (too stiff and impersonal) and improvisational automatic drawings (too flimsy and unstructured) for a long time, it recently occurred to me to combine the two by dropping my loosely drawn figures directly into the landscapes of print design.

For a few months I collaged drawings onto on all kinds of glossy packaging, but over time I became singularly enchanted by cereal boxes. I like the way they visually explode in the store, and they are also made to be read and repetitively explored by half-awake crunchers.

At first I couldn’t understand why I got such delight from seeing my personal, dreamy drawing imagery interloping amidst the hieroglyphic code of these boxes. Looking back now, I should have grasped that the project retreads the same theme I repeat all the time: it is an entreaty from a daydreamer to himself to wake up!”

– Scott David Finch, January 30, 2020