Images Seen to Images Felt Kristine Thompson and Muriel Leung


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Released in conjunction with the Antenna exhibition Touching Pictures featuring recent photo-based work by Kristine Thompson that examines how images of death, violence, and mourning circulate publicly. Kristine’s work engages photographic imagery in a tactile manner in order to question when and how pictures might elicit empathy. Writer Muriel Leung’s words accompany the images.

Kristine Thompson is an associate professor of photography at Louisiana State University. She received her BS from Northwestern University and her MFA from the University of California, Irvine. Her work considers how contemporary photographic imagery circulates and addresses representations of death, memorial practices, and mourning. She often brings references from different time periods into a shared visual space in order to initiate a conversation between the past and the present, to imagine a tactile connection or relationship with people who are no longer around, and to question how photographs might elicit empathy.

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