Overstory: A Field Guide to A Studio in the Woods




With essays by David Baker, Andy Horowitz and Mead Allison and illustrations by Penny Baker, Overstory chronicles the history of A Studio in the Woods artist residency program and the flora and fauna that live in the bottomland hardwood forest.

A Studio in the Woods, a program of the Tulane ByWater Institute located in an endangered bottomland hardwood forest on the Mississippi River in New Orleans, is dedicated to forest preservation, science-inspired education and providing a peaceful retreat for artists and scholars who are interested in tackling challenging issues with imagination, resourcefulness and power. ASITW’s work is based on the proposition that Southern Louisiana can be seen as a microcosm of the global environment, manifesting both the challenges and possibilities inherent in human interaction with urban and natural ecosystems. ASITW provides intimate residencies that connect artists to the local community through creative discourse centered on environmental and social challenges; protects and preserves the woods within which the Studio resides; and engages students of all ages in innovative arts and environmental initiatives.