Scumbag Cinema – Litan & Valerie and Her Week of Wonders

Sick! Twisted! Dirty! Repulsive! Calling all degenerates!
Come out for the Scumbag Cinema Double Feature Series! Get out of the flop house, crack house, or from under that bridge and come by for some of the weirdest films you’ve never seen! This stuff’ll stain your mind and be sure to send your soul straight to hell!  Admission FREECurated by Wesley Stokes.

Jean-Pierre Mocky wrote, directed, and starred in this French horror film. The French don’t really do horror so what happens is a lot of weird imagery comes to a woman in a dream and she wakes up to discover that the town is an amazing and terrifying place where everyone wears costumes and the police are incompetent. If you live in New Orleans you can relate.  (1982) 88 minutes

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders
A Czech New Wave masterpiece inspired by classic fairy tales but turned into a beautifully perverse story about menstruation. Almost too classy for Scumbag Cinema. Almost…  (1970) 73 minutes  – Look here for film trailer.

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