“I think everyone is living their own Myth and must become the Hero, the Archetype, the Prodigal Son. I think we also Co-Write this Myth we live and we can allow it to be a Tragedy or a Triumph. When I reflect on songs I record, they sound like soundtracks to my own personal Myth that I’m presently living out. These songs always seem to be inspiring the Hero within. I feel as though the Souls that resonate with them are also looking for a way to stay Triumphant in their own Myths as well. The journey to the “Otherside” is ultimately a journey within. ”

(–Scarab Shabazz, 2018.)

Otherside, A “Foreva Studios” Production.

Creative Direction :
Kush Atum-Bey
Maya Chakravarti @mayachakra
Kristina Kay Robinson @younggypsychild

Filmed by: Maya Chakravarti .

Edited by: Kush Atum-Bey

Featuring :
Jade Meyers @theartistjade
Maryam de Capita @maryamdecapita
Sharita A. Sims @thehonorablebrowngypsy
LG @lgfive_
Stephanie Martin @_infinitecrownedgoddess_
Cat Dovurlis @oneofacat
Abasi Qadhafi @goodnewsbas
Scarab Shabazz @scarabshabazz.

Music: Otherside – Scarab Shabazz (from “Sum Soul” album) Produced by AFKA @elgin_brown_
Much love to the F & F family, Backatown Coffee & Mrs. Meyers. © Staylive Committee Records.

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