Antenna::Signals No.6:
Street Spirit

Presentations and performances for Signals Issue No. 6 will orbit around the theme of “Street Spirit”, and will give voice to the art, people, and movements that breathe life into New Orleans’ streets…

Antenna::Signals No.5:
Loss & Found

Wednesday, May 17 at 6:30 PM – 9 PM at A Studio In The Woods 13401 Patterson Rd, New Orleans, Louisiana 70131 $10 (Free for Signals Subscribers) For more information, call Antenna: 504-298-3161 …

Antenna::Signals Issue 003

Image by Owen Ever, The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum Tuesday, October 4 Event:: 6:30-9pm @ Three Keys at Ace Hotel New Orleans | 600 Carondelet $10 (Free for Signals subscribers | Subscribe) BUY TICKET…

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