Stitch in Time

Please join us for the opening of “Stitch in Time” featuring work by:

Anne Boudreau, Amanda Cassingham, Valerie Corradetti, Robyn Denny, Ellen Ellis, Laura Gipson, Susan Gisleson, Kourtney Keller, Bill Kitchens, Corinne Loperfido, Steve MacDonald, Heather Muntzer, Nina Nichols, Jeannie Osborne, Gina Phillips, Jacob Reptile, Laura Richens, Loren Schwerd, Cynthia Scott, Bob Snead and Ryn Wilson

The exhibition Stitch in Time brings together the elements of needle, thread and time; however those elements can be interpreted. In 2008, the curator of Stitch, Susan Gisleson, was interested in showing work that utilized the common activity of stitching in an unconventional way. Stitch in Time continues that conversation first begun in Stitch; this time more concerned with process over product.

The simple act of connecting, fastening, mending, or embellishing with needle and thread can slow time. There is a sensation of continually being on the spot, while working a portion of a work, one stitch at a time; either putting different things together or fixing what has been torn. The ancient Greeks personified fate as three goddesses who made the thread of life, measured your time on earth, and then cut it when your time was done, inextricably linking the idea of time with a needle and thread.

Stitch in Time is curated by Susan Gisleson and Laura Gipson at Antenna Gallery and asks artists to address the concept of time with a needle and thread and any other materials that assist them in that task.

Gallery Hours – Saturdays and Sundays from noon-5pm and by appointment.