String Along

“Cloth is the body’s first architecture; it protects, conceals, and reveals; it carries our weight, swaddles us at birth and covers us in sleep and in death.”
-Ann Hamilton

Fabric and thread are inextricably bound to our everyday lives. String Along has gathered together artists who are using fibers in their artistic practice. Curated by Natalie McLaurin and Laura Gipson, String Along is the third exhibition of fiber-based work presented by Antenna Gallery.

Featuring the work of Amelia Broussard, Jeannie Detweiler, Jason Ellenburg-Jones, Laura Gipson, Jessica Goldfinch, David R. Harper, Jesse Harrod, Georgia Kennedy, Natalie McLaurin, Laura Mongiovi, Shara Rowley Plough, Michelle Ralph-Forton, Christopher Saucedo, & Jennifer B. Thoreson