Black and white ink drawing of a man with a hat and glasses, in front of a building with graffiti and sign reading "breakfast and lunch"

Drawn to This Place: New Orleans 2017-2022 :: Thom Karamus

On View :: Sat. Nov. 12th, 2022 - Fri. Dec. 16th, 2022
Instagram:: @ThomofNOLA

A solo exhibition highlighting Thom Karamus in his (ongoing) six year journey. New Orleans : Drawn To This Place is 500+ drawings with corresponding photographs, hundreds of paragraphs of historical research and journalism mixed with personal reflections on time and spaces.


Thom Karamus is a creative explorer. From a very young age, Thom had a creatively entrepreneurial drive, and started his first business at the age of 7. Wanting to distinguish himself from the over-saturated lemonade stand market, Thom established a neighborhood stand offering rocks for sale, aesthetically interesting examples of gravel sourced from a nearby factory parking lot. The business was not a success.

But it did set him on a lifelong path of valuing achievement of individual experience over that of expected goals. Around the same time, Thom discovered visual narrative and sequential storytelling through film and comic books. What began as welcomed escapism quickly evolved into an invaluable instrument for better understanding of the world, others and self.
Thom earned a BFA (with Honors) in Film/ Television from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn. And would go on to work as a sculptor’s assistant, a copywriter and short format script writer, a storyboard artist, a television commercial producer, a director, an illustrator, and a cartoonist. Currently in the midst of a creative life of exploration and search for the self, Thom still hasn’t decided what he wants to be when he grows up.

Instagram: @thomofnola

Drawn To This Place