Uluhaimalama, A talk with Allison Milham

Uluhaimalama, A talk with Allison Milham

Wednesday, February 5 at 7 p.m.

Paper Machine, 6330 St Claude Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70177

ALLISON LEIALOHA MILHAM is a musician, visual artist, and educator of Native Hawaiian descent who is the current artist-in-residence at Paper Machine. She holds an MFA in Book Arts and her work often combines music with printing and bookbinding. Her award-winning, hand-printed and bound project, Uluhaimalama – Legacies of Lili’uokalani, is an immersive and layered project which uses her own renditions of the Queen’s compositions as a lens to explore Hawai’i’s political history and contemporary struggles for sovereignty. Allison’s work is held in multiple public collections including The Library of Congress and Yale University Arts Library.

At her presentation, she’ll talk about her project, Uluhaimalama, and touch on Hawai’i’s ongoing and thriving indigenous-led movement to protect sacred land and indigenous relationship with place. She’ll also be sharing what she’s been up to at Paper Machine—a project that draws on the Kanaka Maoli knowledge base and connection to place as a way to process and explore loss and transformation.