Videorover: Season 5

VIDEOROVER: Season 5 – Curated by Rachel Steinberg

Videorover is NURTUREart’s ever-expanding forum for local and international video artists, aiming to present a wide range of videos which are willing to extend the perceptual and conceptual limitations of their medium. NURTUREart is excited to announce a one-night screening event of Videorover: Season 5, and continued partnership between NURTUREart and Press Street’s Antenna Gallery in New Orleans.

Featured artists include: Lena Bergendahl, Stefan Demming, Jonathan Durham, Ellie Irons, Mary Ivy Martin, Maria Rapicavoli & Janne Schäfer, and Elisabeth Smolarz.  This selection of videos focuses on the mystification or de-mystification of a single character or group.  They serve as quasi-fictional documentaries, left upon the viewer to decide the level of truth.  The information presented is missing a link, leaving a subtle uncanniness, understood through this character, or his/her traces.  This selection of more narrative works serves as a complement to the selection displayed on rotation at NURTUREart Gallery for this current season.  Hosted by Blake Bertuccelli.

The screening will begin at 7:00pm sharp.  Seating is limited.   Afterwards, please join us at the gallery for a reception.  For more information contact: