7 on 7

7 on 7

Featuring work by:

Ashley Teamer
Ben Fox-McCord
Christopher Bunch
Ernest Joshua Littles
Generic Art Solutions
Jer’Lisa Devezin
John Isiah Walton
Muffin Bernstein
Pat Phillips
Peter Hoffman
Tina Lugo

Opening time/Exhibition Dates – January 9th 6pm-10pm/ January 9 – February 7

7 on 7 is a themed exhibition based on the 7 deadly vices and 7 heavenly virtues that we are all familiar with in films, literature such as Canterbury tales, and other media. The exhibition features 14 artist , nationally and locally, each depicting one of the vices or virtues in their preferred medium.

Image credit – Giotto di Bondone Seven Virtues, Seven Vices (Cappella Scrovegni, Padua, Italy)