Students working on the Gallery Porch at Antenna from Big Class, the first Antenna :: Incubator Project, 2013.
Students working on the Gallery Porch at Antenna from Big Class, the first Antenna :: Incubator project, 2013.

More than just fiscal sponsorship.

Like the technique of Dream incubation, which aims to “plant a seed” in the mind, Antenna :: Incubator aims to guide ambitious arts organizers in order to problem solve and realize their dreams of changing the world. Antenna :: Incubator assists in the growth and development of young socially-conscious arts organizations, with an emphasis on projects that operate at the intersection of art and social justice. We offer more than just fiscal sponsorship for projects in the Antenna :: Incubator; we impart guidance and professional development to foster well-rounded, sustainable programs that may take radical approaches to organizational life—advising on managerial strategies, sustainable funding structures, philosophical foundations, and organizational self-consciousness. We foster young organizations by providing a space and platform for experimentation in the early years of development, ensuring thoughtful and strategic public engagement.

A dinner event for current Antenna :: Incubator project, Blights Out, 2016.
A dinner event with current Antenna :: Incubator project, Blights Out, 2016.

At the core, young organizations that are a part of Antenna :: Incubator benefit from assistance in accounting from an established non-profit, but this is more than just fiscal sponsorship. Projects in incubation operate under the wing of Antenna, benefiting from our eleven years of experience, while also remaining autonomous and independent. This allows new organizations to apply for grants or approach donors with the backing of a reliable 501(c)3 non-profit with a strong track record. Once fully formed and confident, the organization may choose to apply for their own 501(c)3 non-profit status or explore alternative organizational structures.

Big Class student reading in Antenna Gallery, 2014.
Big Class student reading at Antenna Gallery, 2014.

A healthy and sustainable organization will be able to pay artists and collaborators, as well as its staff. Often times organizers sacrifice themselves for their dream projects and work multiple jobs in order to support them. Sometimes they are hesitant to pay themselves while relying heavily on volunteer labor. Antenna provides guidance to young organizations as they navigate paths to financial stability and provides mentorship in grant writing and fundraising, while also creating specialized staff positions for incubation project leaders within Antenna, so that they can both learn through assisting with Antenna programs, and have dedicated staff hours for their own project.

Blights Out performance, 2013.
Blights Out performance, with Junebug Productions and Frederick “Hollywood” Delahoussaye, 2013. Photo credit: Scott McCrossen/FIVE65 Design

Have a project for Antenna :: Incubator?

Because of the amount of time, energy, and capacity provided to each project within the Antenna :: Incubator, we only take on projects that have an established relationship with Antenna. You could begin by partnering with us, utilizing Antenna as a Fiscal Sponsor, or by applying for a Platforms Fund grant. Because each Incubated project has special needs, the process is organic and continues to evolve, so there is no one path to being a part of the Antenna :: Incubator.  If you are interested or would like to suggest a project, email Antenna Executive Director, Bob Snead, for more info:

Antenna Executive Director addressing group from the Alliance of Artist Communities, 2016.
Antenna Executive Director, Bob Snead, addressing a group from the Alliance of Artist Communities, 2016.
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