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Opinion: The Poor Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Spending During the Pandemic

Lately, I’ve found myself spending a significant amount of money on things that I believe will make my life easier both during and after the pandemic. I’ve invested in everything from gardening tools to Fallout 4 add-ons to having my…

What I Heard
What I Heard I heard my son William and my students who have Autism crying out in fear, trying to find the right words to match the pictures in their heads, to match the confusion of what was happening to…
You’re Welcome

You’ll say these boys was a victim of the culture. That they was done in by music, movies, TV. You’ll call it senseless. You weren’t there. You couldn’t smell the electric air as them big dark clouds piled up in…

Movies Like The Invisible Man Need to Disappear

First off,  there will be spoilers in this review. I am not hesitating with the spoilers because nothing surprising happens in this movie. It starts out very promising: Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) is escaping the home of her abusive lover. She…

Three Poems by Kelly Harris

Solidarity Capitalism 1. If solidarity meantour freedomall liveswould be written in bullet bloodbreath would be more thanbrand. 2. We stand with you—now here’s 20% offour next bullshit. 3.Mega whitepreachers:All green blessings matter,Amen? 4.Need Black writersand people of colorto create the…

Co-authored: English-language Haiku Borrows from the Japanese Form to Create Meaning

Writing poetry is about conveying feeling and experience in a way that allows someone to pick up your poem and live within its words. For poets working within any form, from a taxing, if not maddening, pantoum or sestina to…

Review: N. K. Jemisin’s The City We Became is Almost Great

“All I want to do is paint, man, because it’s in me and I need to get it out. I need to open up this throat. I need to, I need to…yeah. Yeah. There’s a soft, strange sound as I…

The Whimsical Illustrations of Aelva Mackintosh

I don’t remember when I first met Aelva Mackintosh. I know I was living in Olympia, WA attending The Evergeen State College. Living either in the Deer Run Apartments, a shabby little complex not far from campus. Nothing in town…

Our City of Perpetual Disaster?

We all know the story, like the intro sequence of a self-serious, binge-worthy TV drama. New Orleans is your lovable, but unfortunate friend. The city who can’t seem to get our act together. We suffer disaster after avoidable disaster. If…


The first time we fucked was at the back of the red barn on the Meyers’ property. His cock had a mean 30-degree angle and no amount of warming up could get a woman ready for such brutality against the…

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