Sarah Nance: ..exo¨geology



On view: July 8 – August 6, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday July 8, 6-10pm
Daily hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-5

Exogeology, also known as planetary geology, is a field of study that uses knowledge of geological (earthly) features and processes to research celestial rocky bodies. It is an inherently interdependent field: the basis of understanding newly discovered planets is rooted in first having a deep knowledge of Earth. Yet, how do we distinguish what constitutes “Earth”? Up to 78,000 tons of meteoritic material falls on the surface of our planet each year and is incorporated into local geologies. Industrial processes have altered the rock and ice layers that are currently forming; human activity has become geological, too.

We can no longer know this place without reaching far beyond it, and equally must look well beneath the surface of the earth and our presence within it to understand the workings of exoplanets. In exo¨geology.., I exhibit new installational and photographic works that consider the universe as a series of integrated sedimentary layers. An artist book will accompany the exhibition.

Sara Nance is Antenna’s National Open Call Winner 2016.

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Sarah Nance

Image #1:
(emergency) (space) blanket for the moon, 2016
hand-woven silver and mylar thread, rundle boulder
22.5 x 51 x 35.5 in. as installed