Fiscal Sponsorship at Antenna

Antenna’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program provides nonprofit umbrella status to artists and artistic projects without a 501(c)(3) ruling from the IRS. As a fiscal sponsor, Antenna can assist you with accessing support through formal granting systems and private philanthropy. Because Antenna sees fiscal sponsorship as a partnership, rather than strictly a financial arrangement, we seek to support artistic projects that are aligned with Antennas mission and values (Link to website) 

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. All fiscally sponsored projects must be approved by Antenna’s Board of Directors. Fiscal sponsorship agreements are in effect for the period of a fiscal year and may be renewed annually. 

Fiscal sponsorship is  intended to provide capacity-building and technical assistance support to artists and projects in New Orleans. we carry out this work using three fiscal sponsorship structures:  

Pre-Approved Grant (PAG): is a grantor-grantee relationship between the fiscal sponsor and the project, which is a separate legal entity. This includes both one-time arrangements enabling a project to obtain the proceeds of a particular grant from a private foundation or donor through the fiscal sponsor, as well as ongoing arrangements where a fiscal sponsor receives funds raised over time and grants funds from time to time to a project. 4% Charge on all grants Antenna accepts on behalf of the project. 

Fundraising Support (FS): Antenna provides support in generating a Donorbox fundraising platform, for a limited amount of time, to generate donations directly to the project.  A donorbox page will be created to be used for one year, donations will be distributed quarterly, and donation records will be shared as they come in.  6% Fee on all donations Antenna accepts on behalf of the project. 

Independent Contractor Project (ICP): In ICP, the entire project is conducted not by the fiscal sponsor directly but by an independent contractor who the fiscal sponsor engages to produce results. Under ICP, the fiscal sponsor retains and pays the independent contractor with designated donated funds, and the contractor accounts for its own income and pays for the expenses. 9% Charge on all funds  Antenna accepts on behalf of the project. 

Comprehensive: In Comprehensive, the project is considered part of the fiscal sponsor’s program activities as recognized by the IRS. No separate legal entity exists to conduct the project, so the fiscal sponsor takes comprehensive responsibility for the project, assuming liability for and paying all of the project’s bills directly. If the project has full-time and part-time staff members, they are generally treated as employees of the fiscal sponsor. Any volunteers who donate their time to the project are the fiscal sponsor’s volunteers. 12%

Antenna’s Current fiscally sponsored projects include:

Aquarium Gallery

Community Print Shop

Four Winds (film)

Gulf Coast Artist Climate Collaborative

Hollow Tree

Illustrators Resource Library

Letters Read



Solitary Gardens

St. Anthony Street Institute

Walker (film)