Jane Tardo

Website:: www.janetardo.com

Jane Tardo is a born and based New Orleans artist. In 2005, they became a climate refugee following the levee failures of Hurricane Katrina. Being an early survivor of the effects of climate change is a dynamic source of Tardo’s focus on dystopic/utopic futures and the dream of a better world. Their themes are defined by existing in a post-Roe South while enduring generational burdens of poverty and sexism. Regardless of the frustrations of daily living, Tardo’s work revels in their region’s defiance of reason to give up hope, togetherness, and the joie de vivre. 

Tardo earned their MFA from the University of New Orleans in 2020. Their work has been written about in the Washington Post, Antigravity Magazine, The Art Newspaper, Art News, and Pelican Bomb. Currently, Tardo serves as an instructor of sculpture at UNO, and as a sewing educator and volunteer at RicRack NOLA community sewing center