Katya Vaz

Katya Vaz was born in Moscow, Russia and grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. This dual-culturalism influences how she interprets the world around her, which in turn drives her artistic work and linguistic interests. 
The majority of Katya’s work utilizes printmaking and bookbinding techniques for the use of multiples. These multiples speak further to the creation of communal knowledge, which strengthens community ties through the formation of a common experience. Through this proliferation, the shared experience forms among those who see the work in various settings, whether in a gallery, in a book – with a group, or on an individual basis. The effect is similar to being exposed to cultural traditions, which create a similar group experience due to language, folklore, media, food preparation, etc., globally, whether in the country of origin or in the homes of immigrant families that continue to uphold these traditions in a foreign country. Katya explores this idea of the isolated group experience in order to better understand the way her own worldview and biases are shaped, as well as an effort to understand those of others.