Ryan Leitner

Website:: www.ryanleitner.com

Assembling his works through a layering of painting and photography, Leitner creates two dimensional pieces of other worldly body-scapes and atmospheres that are molded and stacked together. After receiving his MFA from The Museum School at Tufts University, he began investigating his queerness through different mediums, looking for ways queer visibility is created in public spaces. Traveling around the country and Europe to understand how, why, and where queer public sites are made, he is currently working to create the first Queer Memorial site in the city of New Orleans. Leitner has been the recipient of grants and fellowships from the The LGBT+ Archives Project of Louisiana, Antenna’s Platform Fund, and The Museum School, has been published in The Journal of Homosexuality, and has exhibited at The Plumbing Museum, Area Gallery, and Magnum Photo Foundation, and The Front Gallery.