We’re Always Protesting in New Orleans


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Coloring book by New Orleans youth climate activists, The Green Taggers.


On December 6, 2019, elementary schoolers, middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college students all over the world flooded out of class and into their government officials offices, to demand immediate and thorough action on climate change. Here in New Orleans, we held a powerful rally along with the local Sunrise Movement  (a youth led climate organization) to demand that Mayor LaToya Cantrell hear us and set the Green New Deal into action locally. She wasn’t at City Hall that day (though she had been forewarned that we would be there), so everyone lined up from youngest to oldest to speak to her chief of staff. We chanted and sung inside City Hall for at least an hour until it was time to leave. Just as we were leaving though, a City Hall staffer handed us coloring books about the flood evacuation system in New Orleans, saying that it would “help us learn more about our cause”. We were all so upset afterwards and we felt so talked down to, like they thought that just because they were adults, they could teach us about the issue that we ourselves had come to talk about. We felt unheard because the coloring book that City Hall gave us wasn’t even about climate change. In retrospect, that patronizing gesture was probably a blessing because if we had not received it we would not have made our book and therefore you would not be reading this today.


– The Green Taggers


Green Taggers: AsaseYaa Aboagye, Chad Harris, Amelie Labbe, Maslan L’Esperance, Tallulah Michalopoulos, Zora Ngwaba, Ida Schenck, and Opal Vige-O’Toole. Ages 11-13 years old


All illustrations and much of the text in We’re Always Protesting in New Orleans  were created by this team of Green Taggers.


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