Solo Exhibition :: Laura Gipson

On View :: Sat. Sep. 14th, 2024 - Sun. Oct. 27th, 2024

Artist Statement

Considering the world from macrocosm to microcosm, an awareness of time and interconnectedness arises. Finding the original paint color behind an old cabinet or peering into a dollhouse or diorama – these experiences connect us to layers of existence, placing us on the outside looking in, while also at the center.

 My work explores themes of time, memory, uncertainty, and dreams. It is informed by those things that we carry with us. I utilize layers to reference the gradual accumulation of experiences and imagery of familiar objects and animals that function as stand-ins for the body and mind. These stand-ins exist in ambiguous or veiled landscapes, often with scars and markings on the surface that provide evidence of a life lived, a life that is flawed, accumulated, mutable, and ephemeral.