the fine art of radical self publishing

La Liga Zine

La Liga Zine is a publishing collective dedicated to deconstructing latinidad in print and online; created with the intent to pragmatically disrupt neoliberal white supremacist media outlets and monopolies; interested in exploring pamphleting as an art practice, protest art, permanence of meaning, creating alternative economies, distributing conocimiento, building community and learning to hold each other La Liga Zine


Eunsoo Jeong is a Los Angeles based artist and creator of Koreangry, a comic/zine series based on her daily struggles as a Korean-American immigrant woman and artist searching for identity in today’s political climate. Koreangry is a 7-inch puppet/ doll/ armature/ character that she has created. Her zine series is an on-going search of her Koreangry

Lawrence Lindell

Lawrence Lindell is a cartoonist, zinester, musician, and educator from California. His work focuses on Blackness, Mental Health and Queerness. Lindell started self publishing in 2009, but got really serious about it in 2012. In 2016, Lindell went on to start what he likes to call his annual zine and comics tour and has been Lawrence Lindell

Muchacha Fanzine

Daisy Salinas is a San Antonio-based Xicana feminist zinester, punk musician, fest curator, and activist whose work explores themes of feminism, decolonization, and social justice. With the purpose of amplifying the voices of radical artists of color, Daisy founded the radically intersectional decolonial Native Xicana Feminist publication Muchacha Fanzine in 2011. Along with zine-making, Daisy Muchacha Fanzine

Naomi Moyer

Naomi is a self taught, interdisciplinary artist and author.  As a Black woman, Naomi is forever interested in African diasporic histories and how they connect to Black experiences and identity. Her work stems from collaborating with grassroots organizations and publishers such as, but not limited to, Black Lives Matter, Graphic History Collective, Certain Days and Naomi Moyer

Red Rising Magazine

Red Rising is an unfiltered space for Indigenous peoples to tell their stories about what is happening right now, and what is about to happen next, in their lives and communities. We hope to inspire a new generation of Indigenous artists, thinkers, writers, and leaders in the community. Red Rising is volunteer-run and nonprofit.

Se’mana Thompson

Se’mana Thompson is an Akimel Otham/Hopi/Diné self-taught artist + zine maker based in their homelands, O’Otham Jeved, Gila River Indian Community. They began creating art in 2016. First and foremost Se’mana uses collage, portrait art, and illustration as survival work to heal from trauma throughout their life. They are very outspoken about the impact of Se’mana Thompson

Silk Club ATX

QUIET! is Silk Club ATX’s bi-annual zine that features photography, writing, art, design, and other creative works about Asian and Asian American experience. As Asian women, non-binary, and genderqueer folks, our existence and perspectives have stereotypically been labeled as quiet and introverted. In an attempt to both unlearn and embrace this given identity, our collaborators Silk Club ATX

Zines with Sol

Brenda Montaño is a Xicana Califas native, mother, birth worker, educator and media creator. Zines with Sol is a platform that shines light on DIY media creations focused on liberation parenting, body autonomy, radical birth work and decolonial medicines. Her work is grounded in Xicanisma, environmentalism, Reproductive Justice and grassroots organizing. Outside of media making Zines with Sol